Accounting Assistant

Firm Partner

Course Description

Country: Madrid, Spain

Contact position: Firm Partner


We are a fiscal, audit and legal consulting company operating primarily in Madrid but serving clients across Spain. 

We prepare financial information for individuals and companies. Some of the purposes are fiscal, for example tax declarations, and other are for legal reporting, for example annual reports.    

We have a very rigid policy of adherence to Accounting Procedures and the chain of control guarantees that our reports are accurate and aligned with legal requirements. The intern will participate in the stream of work that is planned for the relevant period of the practice, switching across departments depending on the main task of the period. 

The intern will give support for the following tasks: 

  • Prepare individual Revenue Tax calculations and declarations  
  • Process company accounting records and reports 
  • Prepare company Revenue Tax calculations and declarations  
  • Prepare company annual reports 

The candidate should be:

  • Dynamic and diligent, with a great inclination for accuracy 
  • Notions of Spanish 
  • Accounting background 
  • Advanced excel skills 

The intern will be working under the supervision of the Operations Manager. In the context of the planned agenda for the internship period, day to day there will be a meeting in the morning, where tasks for that day will be decided. The supervisor will be available throughout the day for questions.

The training plan is integrated into the normal sequence of events of the department planned for the weeks of the program, as described in the section SPECIFIC GOALS & OBJECTIVES.  The intern will take part of those events and will gradually take on the corresponding responsibilities. 

  • START DATE: June 1st, 2020 
  • END DATE: July 24th, 2020  
  • HOURS PER WEEK25 hours
  1. I signify that I will put forth my most professional self during all communication with my selected company before, during, and after the interview & internship.   
  2. I understand that my tasks will adapt as the business changes closer to my start date. The employer will do their best to remain in adherence to the training plan, but my internship will be tailored to the company’s needs during my internship.
  3. I agree to research the company thoroughly before my interview. I will understand their work to the best of my ability & will practice interview questions before my Skype or phone call. 
  4. I will be available and ready at the time of my scheduled interview.
  5. I understand that the employer has the option not to extend me an offer for their position. In this case, I will be sent an additional opportunity through The Online Internship.
  6. I have my own laptop. 
  1. You will be prompted for a Pre Interview Preparation Meeting with a WFG team member in the next 24 hours.
  2. The Global Internship arranges an interview with your chosen company
  3. Prepare for your interview with the chosen company (your foot is in the door, but the company still has to give you the offer!)
  4. Receive the offer!  (should they decline, you will be sent a new internship opportunity) 
  5. Relax and prepare for your internship in Madrid 

 *Please understand that if you present yourself unprofessionally to a company or fail to show up for a scheduled interview, you will not be sent another option. You will be placed in whichever internship is willing to accept your profile.