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Finance - Talent Lead

Course Description

Country: United Kingdom, London

Contact position: Talent Lead


We are an exciting FinTech start-up aiming at revolutionizing mortgages in the UK, by developing the first true “fully digital”, direct-to-consumer mortgage lender in the country.  

We don’t want to just marginally improve the mortgage process: our target is to radically redesign the mortgage experience for the 21st century, fully leveraging the power of technology to “make mortgages easy” for customers.  

 As a result, our tech-enabled platform will enable consumers to obtain “instant” mortgage loan approvals via an on-line 100% compliant process that moves away from paper forms, manual review steps, and the typically convoluted layers of brokers, large banks and traditional mortgage lenders. 

We are excited about what lies ahead; in the last few months, we have started to put together a great team and are now looking for enthusiastic, like-minded people to join and build the next revolution in financial services together.  

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

We are looking for an enthusiastic analyst intern to join our team (flexible terms). Joining at this early stage means that you will have the opportunity to learn what setting up a modern FinTech business entails and to be actively involved in its evolution. You will be working with the leadership team, reporting directly to the C-level team, and you’ll have the chance to significantly shape the business not only in your domain of expertise but also in other intangibles (such as what the culture of the company should be). 

You will have the chance to learn and contribute across different areas of our company, to help develop some of the external partnerships and take leadership on some management tasks of operating a modern start-up. The different areas you’ll have a chance to work across is as diverse as:  

  • Business Operations 
  • Business development and external relationships 
  • Marketing campaigns & Analytics 
  • Digital product development 
  • Credit risk 

 About the Candidate:  

You have substantial prior experience, preferably in the consumer sector. Aside from this, it would be terrific if you have: 

  • On course to finalize a BSc/BA, a MSc/MA or a MBA in business administration, finance, economics, marketing, communications or similar fields 
  • You are an original thinker with a creative mind, enthusiastic about Fintech and Start-ups in general 
  • Eager to learn with some of our colleagues with years of experience in top international banks, consultancy firms, and the digital world 
  • Entrepreneurial interest and business sense 
  • Agility on working with Excel and Power-Point 

Your core goal will be to participate in strategy development, help develop some of the external partnerships, and take leadership on some management tasks of operating a modern start-up. You will have the chance to learn and contribute to areas as diverse as:  

  • Strategy 
  • Business development and external relationships 
  • Business operations 
  • Digital product development 
  • Credit risk

The internship will be centered towards three main areas of focus: 

  1. Market Research, Analysis, and Reporting  
  • Support in the market analysis activities: analysis of specific market segments and determining strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and market gaps 
  • Support in the analytical and back-office activities  
  • Support in communication activities (writing reports, preparing presentations, reviewing and analyzing graphics)
  1. Relationship Management
  • Support in the planning of the business development preparation stages; 
  • Participate in contract negotiation 
  • End to end process of client relations
  1. Operational Support
  • Support the day-to-day operations of the business 
  • Administrations, data entry, ad-hoc duties and supporting team members where required

The methodology of supervision will be:  

  1. Daily follow up and support by the Company Coach and weekly catch up meetings. 
  2. Monthly We Find Group Coaching Meetings: one-on-one follow up and coaching meetings between the intern and the We Find Group Coordinator in order to track the evolution of the following competencies:
  • Adaptability: the capacity to be flexible adapting to different situations and to accept the changes in a positive and constructive manner. 
  • Team Spirit: the capacity to work in a team. 
  • Initiative: the capacity to present and suggest ideas or methods to reach goals. 
  • Planning: the capacity to define goals and priorities when developing tasks, evaluating time and costs. 
  • Analytical skills: the capacity to decompose problems and structure solutions and deliverables as appropriate. 
  • Autonomy: the ability to actively and efficiently do work alone without constant assistance.
  1. The We Find Group Monthly Coaching Meetings will be used to develop and “Internship Final Report” that will be provided to the intern at the end of the internship and outlines the recommendations for the positive career evolution of the intern.

The objective of the We Find Group Monthly Coaching Meeting will be to ensure that the intern is learning properly and getting high added value from the internship. The We Find Group Coordinator will get first feedback from the Company Coach and then have a one-on-one meeting with the intern to provide feedback about strengths, weaknesses and define an “Internship Improvement Action Plan” that will be implemented during the internship. 

The phases of this internship are as follow:  

  1. Week 1 (from June 1 to June 5) In-depth induction program to get to know the team and familiarise the intern with the role and core operations of the business. The intern will have the opportunity to learn and participate in business activities. We will induct the intern into learning internal and external communications procedures and prepare them for upcoming projects and tasks for the following weeks.   
  2. Week 2 until week 5 (from June 8 to July 3) The intern will start to take responsibility for tasks as directed by the Head of Strategy and Business Development. During this phase, the intern will be undertaking market research activities where they will assist in analyzing market trends and report on identified market gaps. We will provide the first feedback to We Find Group so that We Find Group can assist in further coaching of the intern. 
  3. From week 6 until week 7 (From July 6 to July 17) Improvement of the Intern in the activities and operations, helping the intern to improve competencies and performance. The intern will build on their tasks and responsibilities based on their skills and areas of interest. The intern will be involved in relationship management, helping in client communications, and learning how to interact with negotiation and deal closing. 
  4. Week 8 to the conclusion of Internship (from July 20 to July 24) in this phase We Find Group Supervisor will have the final “Coaching Meeting” in order to develop Final Action Plan and Final Feedback. This last week we will summarise the intern´s capabilities and performance of the market studies, reporting and client management for the intern feedback report
  • START DATE: June 1st, 2020 
  • END DATE: July 24th, 2020  
  • HOURS PER WEEK25 hours
  1. I signify that I will put forth my most professional self during all communication with my selected company before, during, and after the interview & internship.   
  2. I understand that my tasks will adapt as the business changes closer to my start date. The employer will do their best to remain in adherence to the training plan, but my internship will be tailored to the company’s needs during my internship.
  3. I agree to research the company thoroughly before my interview. I will understand their work to the best of my ability & will practice interview questions before my Skype or phone call. 
  4. I will be available and ready at the time of my scheduled interview.
  5. I understand that the employer has the option not to extend me an offer for their position. In this case, I will be sent an additional opportunity through The Online Internship.
  6. I have my own laptop. 
  1. You will be prompted for a Pre Interview Preparation Meeting with a WFG team member in the next 24 hours.
  2. The Global Internship arranges an interview with your chosen company
  3. Prepare for your interview with the chosen company (your foot is in the door, but the company still has to give you the offer!)
  4. Receive the offer!  (should they decline, you will be sent a new internship opportunity) 
  5. Relax and prepare for your internship in Madrid 

 *Please understand that if you present yourself unprofessionally to a company or fail to show up for a scheduled interview, you will not be sent another option. You will be placed in whichever internship is willing to accept your profile.