Intern Applications Product Management  

Director, Corporate Strategy and Development

Course Description

Country: United Kingdom, London

Contact position: Director, Corporate Strategy and Development


Our company is one of the largest independent providers of connectivity solutions to the world’s Communications and Cloud ecosystems. 

Founded in London in 2003, has grown to 200 employees worldwide, with corporate headquarters in Singapore and technical headquarters located in London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ area (70 employees). As well, we count on major offices in New York and Dubai.   

We offer a wide range of communications infrastructure services from network connectivity, real-time communication services, co-location through to system integration and support to service providers globally. Our underlying network infrastructure, intelligent application layers and industry expertise enable customers to seamlessly deliver mission critical, high performance applications and communications services globally. We have a range of portal and API based applications provide a true end-to-end virtual network experience coupled with real-time service delivery. 


Voice Connectivity, Data Connectivity, Co-Location, System Integration, Network Management, First Line Maintenance, TDM – IP Migration, Cloud Connectivity, Intelligent Transit, Local Access, Global Hubs, Switch Partition and Conversion, End-to-end SIP Trunk 


Link avalable upon interview 

Built on a basis of innovation, we continue this approach, being open to new ideas and encouraging employees to explore and share their perspectives and ideas on operations, new services and the industry as a whole.   

We are an exciting place to work, with the London office being in the middle of the innovation centre of the United Kingdom, with employees who are the best the industry has to offer. Our commitment to the success of their business as well as their employees has. 

Our company mission is to deliver global connectivity & services on demand via automation, portals and APIs to and through multiple segments and channels. 

Your role as an Intern Applications Product Manager will be to help us develop Applications, API’s and e-commerce initiatives, linking the development and commercial teams for the creation and presentation of online and automated services.   

Working closely with the applications development team and other Product Managers, you will support the identification of opportunities to develop online eCommerce market, presenting cloud and network connectivity, Voice and other services in a unique and ground  breaking manner.  

Evolving existing services such as CloudLX, you will drive this new to industry initiative, accelerating market adoption whilst helping to meet ambitious revenue and market share targets.   

You will participate and contribute in strategic discussions and business forecasting to develop a market specific approach and execute accordingly. 

Specifically, your role will be assigned a product, sub-product or project to work through and with a Senior Product Manager, driving your tasks to success, whilst receiving both mentorships as well as excellent exposure to an exciting industry.   

Along the way, you will be exposed to and learn about the new telecoms world, application development elements for real-time communications products, the importance of analytics and planning, and achieve a grasp of the implications of the international industry. You will collaborate closely with not only Product Managers, Telecoms and Software Engineers, but also the Director of Corporate Strategy and Products  

The main responsibilities of the internship will include:  

  • Analyze market data and uncover messages and trends to drive our development, and will work into and with our product team as a product manager, building, leading, and improving our application services. 
  • Contribute to and help define promotional product campaigns and tracking their progress 
  • Define and refine strategic road-map of end to the end product portfolio 
  • Define new product ideas/concepts based on industry data, customer insight and colleague experience 
  • Define and create product and service support materials 
  • Define development requirements and specifications for product projects 
  • Perform primary market research to identify customer needs 
  • Identify customer segments, derive value propositions and develop corresponding product positioning and messaging  
  • Develop business cases to justify investment decisions  
  • Create and execute global launch and go-to-market plans  
  • Understand the global market: size, growth rates and drivers, market shares, competitive strategies, and products  
  • Define and kick start new products and initiatives 
  • Work with and liaise with Development for the build of next-generation services and applications. 

The methodology of supervision will be:  

  1. Daily follow up and support by the Department Managers and weekly catch up meetings. 
  2. Monthly We Find Group Coaching Meetings: one-on-one follow up and coaching meetings between the intern and the We Find Group Coordinator in order to track the evolution of the following competencies:
  • Adaptability: the capacity to be flexible adapting to different situations and to accept the changes in a positive and constructive manner. 
  • Team Spirit: the capacity to work in a team. 
  • Initiative: the capacity to present and suggest ideas or methods to reach goals. 
  • Planning: the capacity to define goals and priorities when developing tasks, evaluating time and costs. 
  • Autonomy: the ability to actively and efficiently do work alone without constant assistance.
  1. The We Find Group Monthly Coaching Meetings will be used to develop and “Internship Final Report” that will be provided to the intern at the end of the internship and outlines the recommendations for the positive career evolution of the intern.

The objective of the We Find Group Monthly Coaching Meeting will be to ensure that the intern is learning properly and getting high added value from the internship. The We Find Group Coordinator will get first the feedback from the Department Managers and then have a one-on-one meeting with the intern to provide feedback about strengths, weaknesses and define an “Internship Improvement Action Plan” that will be implemented during the internship. 

The phases of this internship are as follow:  

  1. Week 1 (from June 1 to June 5) In-depth induction program to get to know the team and familiarise the intern with the role and core operations of the organization. The intern will have the opportunity to learn about applications and product management. 
  2. Week 2 until week 5 (from June 8 to July 3) The intern will start to take responsibility for tasks as directed by the Department Managers. During this phase, the intern will provide the first feedback to We Find Group, so that We Find Group can assist in further coaching of the intern. 
  3. From week 6 until week 7 (From July 6 to July 17) Improvement of the Intern in the activities and operations, helping the intern to improve competencies and performance. The intern will build on their tasks and responsibilities based on their skills and areas of interest.  
  4. Week 8 (from July 20 to July 24) in this phase We Find Group Supervisor will have the final “Coaching Meeting” with the Department Managers and the intern in order to develop Final Action Plan and Final Feedback. 
  • START DATE: June 1st, 2020 
  • END DATE: July 24th, 2020  
  • HOURS PER WEEK25 hours
  1. I signify that I will put forth my most professional self during all communication with my selected company before, during, and after the interview & internship.   
  2. I understand that my tasks will adapt as the business changes closer to my start date. The employer will do their best to remain in adherence to the training plan, but my internship will be tailored to the company’s needs during my internship.
  3. I agree to research the company thoroughly before my interview. I will understand their work to the best of my ability & will practice interview questions before my Skype or phone call. 
  4. I will be available and ready at the time of my scheduled interview.
  5. I understand that the employer has the option not to extend me an offer for their position. In this case, I will be sent an additional opportunity through The Online Internship.
  6. I have my own laptop. 
  1. You will be prompted for a Pre Interview Preparation Meeting with a WFG team member in the next 24 hours.
  2. The Global Internship arranges an interview with your chosen company
  3. Prepare for your interview with the chosen company (your foot is in the door, but the company still has to give you the offer!)
  4. Receive the offer!  (should they decline, you will be sent a new internship opportunity) 
  5. Relax and prepare for your internship in Madrid 

 *Please understand that if you present yourself unprofessionally to a company or fail to show up for a scheduled interview, you will not be sent another option. You will be placed in whichever internship is willing to accept your profile.