What’s included


First Interview ​​

We interview each of our participants individually to find out exactly what they hope to gain from international business experience.What career field are you pursuing, what industry interests you, what are your passions? The more we know, the better we can match your expectations and tailor your internship! ​ We aim to prepare you for a new world of business that strives with online work and entrepreneurship. 

​​Professional Resume and Social Media profile Tune-Up ​

Get personalized advice on updating your resume to European standards and relevant business language to boost your transferable skills and work experience. You will also be a part of our global recruitment database in contact with top multinational companies all over the world.  

PIP Session ​

In your Pre-Interview Preparation session, we brief you in detail on your company, your role, and the interviewer. Let’s prepare together with your presentation skills for an interview with your company and get acquainted with S.T.A.R. interview questions.

​​Induction to the Host Company and Online Working Schedule Scheme ​ ​

You will be inducted by our team and your Host company into your Internship structure, schedule, goals & objectives, and methods of supervision. Choose to finish or continue your internship further on-site at the country and company have chosen! ​

​Professional Coaching and a one-on-one virtual check-in  ​​

One-on-one follows up and coaching meetings between you and our team managers in order to track the evolution of your program and help you achieve your internship objectives. Coaching Meetings will be used to develop and “Internship Final Report” that will be provided to you at the end of the internship and outlines the recommendations for the positive career evolution. Many of our students can apply to positions after internship placements! 

Our team supports participating students to apply to ongoing recruitment processes led by our headhunting company We Find Group once you finish your internship. ​​

A written referral from Host Company ​

​Make sure to get help from our expert team to get the best possible referral from your Manager highlighting those aspects that will help you get ahead in your field! ​​

Business Workshops and Seminars​​​

Participate in different workshops led by top professionals within your industry and activity sector to get ahead curve! 

​Group calls with other students interning remotely​​

You can get to know our community of interns abroad or at home with our online events! Share your experience, your questions, and get to know some of our current and past interns and their companies.

GRIP your global working in International Companies without the need to leave your home and choose later to continue your internship on-site!


  • Access to the latest business courses adapted to each student’s expectations.​
  • Access to reduced fees for an onsite internship after a first remote internship experience through The Global Internship. ​
  • Access to Business Trips after the remote internship to get to know the host ​company and in-country immersion. ​
  • Access to language courses during or after the remote internship.​
  • Access to our visa and sponsorship support for an onsite internship through The Global Internship.

The pricing of additional services chosen can be included in the program fee during the ​application process or at any moment of the development of the internship program.

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